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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Catch up

I haven't blogged since last summer, and have a new laptop since then.  This is a trial run to see if I can figure out how to add pics to the blog and save them to a flash drive . . .
So some pictures from last summer . . .
Shaver Lake with the Crews and Jen
 And Catalina with Mike!

 Saw a couple whales on the way over and back.
Fourth of July Harbor and Avalon were gorgeous.
Captain Mike

On the way home.
Definitely had THE BEST TIME EVAH.
Ella's first day at Fresno State.

We got Tony (aka Simba, Big Tony) around Halloween.  He's now almost 15 lbs. 
Ella and I went to Morro Bay with Janet, Lisa, Richie and Miss Gabby.

OK, I got this.  More to come. :)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to it

We've had a few really busy weeks.  This is the first weekend we've all been home, with not that much going on.  The problem is, the Africa-hot weather.  109 today, 111 Mon - Wed, 109 Thurs and Fri.  It's beyond miserable.

Prior to Ella's graduation, we were having computer problems.  Our house computer was pretty old and has been limping along.  A couple weeks ago the house computer started really acting up.  So I let Scott struggle with the house computer and I moved to using Scott's (old) back-up laptop.  Now I hate learning new computers.  But the old laptop was fine and it didn't take that much effort to quickly learn how to download and find pictures, access my blog, work around its formatting, etc.  In fact I did the last blog entry using the old old old laptop.  Then the house computer completely froze up and bit the dust.  Scott and I were sharing the old laptop.  Scott's not big on sharing a computer.  Within a few days the laptop crapped out too.

So Scott bought a new laptop for work, and he considers it his.  Again, not big on sharing.  And this new laptop has the new Windows 8.  Windows 8 is a complete piece of shit and makes zero sense.  As we had alot going on with Ella's end of the school year, graduation, parties, the hole in the sink, Ella's trip to Ziggy's, etc., I used this all for an excuse to not sit down and learn the computer or do any blogging.

So today's the day.  Today's the day I figure it out how to use hateful laptop.  And since 175 degrees outside, it's a good day to do it.

Since my last blog . . . Ella graduated. We sat with our dear friends the Crews, and the Thatchers whom we've known since our girls were in 1st grade.  It was surreal watching Ella and her friends walk in with cap and gown and hearing their names called.  I think I kept the sobbing to a minimum.

We'll remember it forever.  :)

So we got through graduation.  Then we had a gaggle of grade parties to attend.  It's interesting to hear of the different paths and schools Ella and her friends are starting to choose.

We had the big hole in the sink fixed 2 days before Ella's graduation party, which was really really really fun.  I asked Jenny to run around with my camera and take pictures of everyone.  Which she did.  And she did a super good job.  Unfortunately all those pictures were lost during one of my trying to figure out the new laptop and download pictures sessions.  Crap.

Ella and Carli took a trip to Carlsbad and stayed with the Zigrangs.  Carli drove and Ella navigated.  Four days at Zig-rala with the SD Zoo, Dodger game, beach days, shopping, visiting, and exploring on their itinerary.

While Ella was at Ziggy's, Scott and I had a weekend at the cabin.  :)

And now we're here.  And it's hot.  Happy 4th of July.  :)


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Logan mania

This was quite a weekend.  It started with the pug urping all night Thursday night due to an allergy medicine dosage dial-in dilemna, now rectified.

Friday night Scott and I rode bikes to CHS to watch the boys volleyball team win Valley title . . . which was beyond awesome.

Starting Saturday we began Logan mania.  More Logan/Lung/Biscay interaction than we've had in a long time.  Which was also beyond awesome.

Saturday evening we went to the Biscay home for Logan's grad party.  This smart boy finished with a degree in Accounting.  All the cousins were there . . . Brad and Sherry, John Sandra Annette, Craig Laura Holly Melissa + 2, Mike Kelly TayTay, and Bob and Patti, etc.  It was soooo good to see everyone.  It's been way too long.

This morning we went to Craig and Laura's for breakfast.  Another get-together before John Sandra Annette head home and Brad and Sherry prepare to go North for Bratley's interview Tuesday.  So more fun Logan cousin interaction.

Of course I didn't take any pictures.  And I've been struggling for the past 2 hours trying to put the pictures from Scott's phone into this blog.  But I CAN NOT.  I'm a techno 'tard, and I give up.  Damn it!  We have a cute one of Scott and me in the Dodger shirts we wore in preparation to entering the den of Giants fans.  And one of the men.  Oh well.

We've got a lot to finish up before the end of May.  Ella's got Grad Nite, sleep overs, high school G.R.A.D.U.A.T.I.O.N, work, multiple parties . . . Scott has to finish up his contractor's license, build a drink bar, and tend to the extensive honey-do list I've got going . . . I just have work.

Oh, and look at what I did yesterday.

Ya, that would be our kitchen sink.  I dropped a pot and blew a hole in the bottom.  What the hell!!  We find out tomorrow if it's under warranty.  If not . . . we're screwed.

On to more pleasant things . . . Ella went to take pictures of gorgeous Carli for her prom.

And the weather??  Fabulous for the next week.  I'm totally pinching myself.  :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SB2, Easter

The rest of Spring Break . . . we came back from Camarillo.  Ella worked a couple days then she was off for fun in Carmel with the Crew family.  She was back in town for Easter.  We had planned on taking a picnic and the dogs to a camp gound kind of place we used to go to on the Kings River.  But we got there and . . . it wasn't so nice anymore.  So we took a leisurely drive back home and ended up having our picnic in the back yard.  Just as fun.  :)

A nice family picture

Hey slim

Ella and I found the perfect place to take her Senior pictures . . .

Scott's going to hang a swing from this tree.

I'm thinking my pictures would be as good as any photographer . . . Ella says no.

Holy crap . . . less than 2 months to graduation.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good start to El's Spring Break

Ella, Karina and I went to Camarillo for the weekend.  Ella and Karina are on Spring Break.

We got to Dad's on Saturday and hit the outlets that afternoon to get the shopping part out of the way.  Both girls scored.  Dad and Yvonne had dinner ready.  REALLY great chili verde, with pineapple upside down cake for dessert.  THE best!!

Sunday was beach day.  We went south towards Nepunes Net for lunch.  This is by Pt. Mugu.

The girls wanted to climb the sand hill and run down.  Not really my thing.  I volunteered to stand at the bottom to take pictures.  They're the ant people at the very top.

They flex, then start down.  I got some good jumping pictures.

The girls after the sand hill.
We were off to Neptunes for lunch, then down to Zuma beach.
Karina has awesome short tan lines (from running track).
So Sunday was a beautiful day.  Lots of sun.  Dad and Yvonne had dinner ready again.  I love staying there.  Great food and my favorite bed!
We packed up Monday morning and went home thru Pismo so we could stop for clam chowder for lunch.  It was a bit different in Pismo.  Foggy and windy.  The girls had hot chocolate for something hot for the walk on the pier.
There was alot of this going on.  Apparently it's imperative to stay in contact with everyone you know 24/7.
We were home in time for Ella to go to work Monday evening.  Scott stayed home and painted.  So when we walked in it looked like a bomb had gone off.  The job site clean-up gal wasn't there.  But as usual, the painting was done perfectly and what's finished is beautiful.  :)
I took today off and it's been a blurr.  I haven't accomplished anything except a run to Lowes to buy plants (which remain unplanted) and more supplies for Scott.  I did get a load of laundry done.  Oh, and I got a nap in.
Scott's reseeded lawn is a success.  The back yard looks like a park.  :)
I'm back to work tomorrow.  Ella's going to Carmel for the weekend with friends.  Maybe a cabin trip for me and Scott??  Probably more painting.